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Saturday 24 May 2014

Cansa relay for life_Potchefstroom

I actually don't know how to start my blog today. It's all a merry go round in my head, so let me just line up my thoughts.

Okay, last week we participated in the Cansa relay for life Potchefstroom event. Now, here is a very nice summary of what this is about:

"CANSA Relay For Life is part of an international movement that unites cancer survivors and the communities that care about them. It offers everyone in a community, both young and old, the opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer and to honour those who have been touched by cancer. It is an opportunity for SURVIVORS and their loved ones to fight against cancer together. Relay For Life is a fun, overnight team event, which is volunteer-driven and community owned. At Relay, teams of 10-15 friends, neighbours, families and co-workers commit to having at least one team member walking around the track at all times for 18-24 hours, because cancer neither slumbers nor sleeps."(
It was supposed to be held in March, but we had so much rain that they had to postpone it. Any who, it took place the 17th of May. So geared in our "outfits"  we set off on our 12 hour day.

All lo-ve-ly (can you hear the sarcasm?) 

We ate a-lot of "not allowed foods", but hey, we walked it off right? hehe It was really nice. I love the food at events. You don't get it under "normal" circumstances. 
So, Ice cream, cotton candy, chocolate doughnuts and coffee it was!
My friend was so nice to come and say hi. I appreciate it. That is really nice.
She even did 2 rounds with me.

Now, we worked on a 400m distance for this field so after about 5 or 6 hours (I can't remember now) I reached my 10km goal. That was officially the farthest I have ever walked. Oh my goodness, my dog just farted. HOLD YOUR BREATH! It dies from inside! hehehe Anyway. I have proof of my 10km. Like in this picture. So, all the rounds we did after that was "bonus" levels!
So, on and on we went and by just after 8 we decided this is it. We are done. We were both so crooked and I promise you I couldn't stand up straight any more!! Everything was stiff. My feet, legs, my hands, my body. Man, I think I aged  10 years! We even had blisters! OUCH!
We calculated and concluded, it was a total of 21km!!!!!!!!! Officially the farthest and longest I have walked in my LIFE!

The day was precious to me. I did this for my gran who passed away in 2010 because of cancer. I also did it to celebrate the people who won the fight. I was so emotional when the survivors did they victory walk and all along the field there was bags with candles in memory and celebration of the brave people. It touched my heart. 
I am glad that I could be a part of this day and I hope that they will find a cure one day. 

We were totally dead beat the evening, but it was worth it and I will do it over and over again!

I don't have much to say. It was a emotional, precious day and worth all the pain for the 3 days thereafter. 

I will speak to you soon or sooner!! 
e xx

Ouma, dit was vir jou en ek mis jou elke dag! Ek sal jou eendag sien!

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