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Saturday 14 June 2014

Dead things on my left

What? Writers block. Never heard of it. Yes, I have....I am stuck this morning! I think I now know what a writer feels like or what Cal felt like on Lie To Me when he couldn’t start his book! It’s kind of panicky!

So, what’s been happening the past week? Not much actually. My husband and I are shooting (this sounds wrong, but I don’t know if there is another term to use) a challenge video today. Thanks to Quest Acquired ( for the idea! It’s the Chubby Bunny challenge. I am not going to explain it; you have to watch the video. Obviously it is not available yet. We are ahead of schedule.

Well then, it actually defeats the purpose of me telling you. Ok, BUT you can subscribe to my YouTube channel ( and then you will see it first, before anybody else! The best thing was that he actually agreed to do this with me after I persuaded him! 

Today is a bit of a sad day for me. Last week this time I was with my family in Cape Town and I miss them so much! BUT, this sad story might have a happy ending.

YESSSS, I forgot about this, and that I have not told you yet! We are moving (back) to CAPE TOWN! I’m going back and hubby is coming with! hehehe Can I get a “Woot woot”!! There is the minor issue of when, but it’s been decided. Now, it’s to get a job, enter the market and get moving...eventually. So start praying peeps! I am SUPER excited! My husband loves the ocean and who wouldn’t want to live in Cape Town! I 
made a video of my whole weekend last week..

Watch it here:---->  <-----

And my previous blog is also about my weekend if you don’t want to watch the video. I know some people are readers and some watchers.

I am at work today. It’s cold, I need chocolate, coffee and carbs! But, I am not allowed to complain seeing that I only work 3 Saturday’s a year. It is NOT that bad.

Oooo wait! I just remembered something that happened this week. So my lovely kitty, Thom, have been leaving me presents all over the house. One of my “photo a day” topics was on my left. So down the hall I skip to my room the morning, busy getting ready for work and there it is..on my left. A cute little dead mouse with its feet sideways in the air..Awe, thanks Tom. That is SO sweet. So lovely, and I took a picture.

Last night I ran down to the room to fetch something and my husband follows. When I was on my way back to the TV, guess what? Another one..right. in. front. of my bedroom door. My husband asks me “Did you see it, he left another one for you”. I am flabbergasted. “Nope”. I ran past the dead mouse (a larger one this time) and did not even see it. I almost stepped on it. ( I would have lost it...completely). So strange that he started doing it now again. Maybe I look a bit under fed to him LOL!!!! hahaha As if. Any way.

So, I will love and leave you. Go subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow my blog. Join me on Twitter. Add me on Instagram. let’s interact!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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