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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Withdrawel symptoms, ice and a wedding

I am SO late with my blog I am having withdrawal symptoms!  What a great weekend I had and an event filled one that was!

I flew down to Cape Town on the 6th of June. It was cold. It was dark, but it brightened up when we got to Cape Town. First I had to keep myself seated and not jump up at poor Errol (those who do not know who I am talking about, his real name is Christo Davids and he is an actor on the 7de Laan soapie in SA), it was the second time I flew with him (well in the same plane). He greeted me with his smile and a wave and of course the Barney doll.. I have NO explanation for this. The poor Barney even got spanked.

Yes, I had to be a freak and ask for a photo. I don’t usually do this because I am all for respecting their privacy and treating them as human beings. Everyone else was trying to ignore the poor guy. Poor thing. But not me. So I approached him and got my photo. So sweet of him.

We had a busy Saturday morning. I went to visit a very, very good friend of mine and his family and we did a challenge that morning. Coke and Mentos.. This spells danger to me. I was convinced if I eat Mentos and drink coke I will explode. Luckily I am still alive and all good. But I think this has to do with the fact that he cheated.. When the video is live, go watch it. You will see what I mean.  I will announce the video in the blog (and Twitter..and Facebook..) before it airs. 

Any who. MY BEST FRIEND GOT MARRIED SATURDAY!!!! I am SO happy for her. I am still drying off tears. She looked so beautiful and we had so much fun. I wish I could stay longer, but my dad was my date and it was a distance to get there and back. 

Let me first tell you. We get in the car and start driving and I am looking at the mountains, the snow , it’s so beautiful. As we enter Porterville my dad casually states.. “ So, where will this church be now”. Wait, what?! We drove here without the GPS and we don’t know where the church is...( we knew where the venue with the food was! hahaha) Considering that there is about 15 minutes left before the wedding starts, we casually drive down the main road and my dad spots the church tower. My first question is, “how do you know it is the right one?” “Oh” says my dad, “all the NG Churches have towers”.. Ok then. So, the church is situated in Kerk street in Porterville. How original. I tell my dad what if this the wrong church and we wedding crash someone else’s wedding. Imagine that. At the end it was the right one and so pretty it was.  We had fun with the photo props and all my friends and it was a joyous celebration!

The rest of the weekend was fairly chilled. Had lunch with the family, visit the cousin, visit another friend. Did a video with my sis. It will probably be uploaded in June..maybe or July. I am still deciding. It was just so much fun!!
Latest edition to our family. Well, my cousin's family :)

 From left to right. My friend and I, Blaze (my sisters adopted husky) and I chilling on the bed. Some bonding time, My sister and I being silly and my little cousin.

I had lots of tea this weekend.  Now, I am actually a self-proclaimed professional coffee drinker. But, I made myself a cup of coffee one morning and as I opened the bottle I say to myself, this is not right.. The coffee is a bit funny and sticky, BUT I make it any way. DAMN!!! It was horrible. Should have gone with my gut. All my mom had to say was, no that’s very old throw it out... I forgot to do it. I hope they forget..REVENGE! hahahaha

Well, you are lucky. I am posting this blog today and the weekend a new one will follow. 

OOOOOO, I almost forgot. So on Monday morning we are on our way to airport when I receive a SMS from Kulula, “We are sorry to inform you, but your flight is delayed with an hour”. Well, isn’t that fun? I am not too upset because then we had extra time to get to the airport, and that meant I did not have to work. Arrive there, I am informed that it might be later because they are trying to defrost the plane’s wings and the runway..Where in my life did I imagine this EVER happening in South Africa? We don’t have a snowy, frosty climate.. Its global warming! But, it happened and I think that was the most interesting new I EVER received. By the way, the flight was delayed by 2 hours at the end.

Stay warm. Its flippen freezing. 

Speak to you soon...or sooner!
Ps. Thank you for reading! xx

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