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Sunday 22 June 2014

Me and the little things

I am so excited and it looks like I’m going to be like this for a while, but on my own for some reason. The second part of this week has just been so exciting!
Now, you all know that I have started a YouTUBE (if you didn’t-now you know) channel and I LOVE it! I am just in awe of how many YouTubers there are and that they actually make a living out of this. It is absolutely awesome.
Now, the idea was never to make money out of it, but hey, if it happens-why not? Any way. I realised that in some way it does not really matter what you do, it’s who you know. I subscribed to a guy’s channel and his girlfriend started doing YouTube videos round about the same time I did. Also with the trending topics and ideas and guess what happened, she has more than 500k subscribers! I have been doing the same kind of stuff, vlogging, hauls, how to, maybe I haven’t been doing the “right” video’s. I have 7 subscribers at the moment. I hope in a year’s time I can look back and say “hey, look how far I’ve come”. I really do enjoy recording and editing the videos. Any way. Enough moping! There’s so much stuff to be excited about, even if it is only me and the small things.
I saw these cute little fairy lights on Zoella’s and Nikki’s channels and I wish I could have some of those. Then today as I was surfing Facebook I saw a “Like this page” advert-The Fairly Light Ladies. Opening it up I realise YESSSSS, I found it!!! in SA! hahaha Just a note I have not really been looking for these lights, yet, so I have not focused on them. I have not seen them yet and thus it was a huge surprise and excitement when I saw this page. If you would like to check them out here is the link ( Now I can decorate my house with them when the stock is available again. Be sure I will show you some before and after pictures. It is going to look so gorgeous!

The other thing that happened to me was I heard Katie Sky’s music on another YouTubers channel and it sounded REALLY good. I came across her own channel and the one song is just better than the next one. I am always looking for music that will fit the “mood” of the video and everything has copy right on it. But, this channel is different. I emailed her manager/brand label and asked if I am allowed to use it. I did not think he will reply, I mean I have a channel with 7 subs and it is not monetized. So you can imagine my surprise when the reply came back and he was all like “yes please” and “thank you for the support’ and “yeah go ahead”. I am sitting at work reading his email en want to jump out of my skin. It is the small things that just give you that ray of hope sometimes. Off course I went and spent the last few cents I had left and bought 4 of her tracks on iTunes. Go check out her latest single “Monsters”. It is b-e-a-utiful! ( So, you will be hearing more of Katie Sky on my channel :)
Today I published my first favorites video.( I really enjoyed filming it. I have so many ideas and I want to film and upload it, but then I am afraid I’ll run out of ideas! So I will just stick to my once a week.
I know this haven't been a very good read, but I had to pin down my astonishment with YouTube and how it works and not about what you do/know but WHO.
So, thanks for reading.
Speak to you soon...or sooner! xx

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