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Thursday 20 November 2014

Photo a day challenge | Summertime

Day 20: Summertime

Before I jump into this blog. Can I just tell you how happy and excited I am! It is my birthday tomorrow and except for Christmas, this is the second most important day of my year. It is my day (ok maybe millions of other people's day as well seeing that I am not the only one celebrating my birthday on this day). I get to do what I want and be selfish the whole day! I am a huge fan of presents (but who isn't?) and I can eat what I want without feeling guilty. It is my day. And I am seriously looking forward to it.

Ok, enough rambling.

Today's topic (as you have seen) is Summertime

What reminds you of summertime?

In the highveld region, North-West, Gauteng, Freestate ect summertime is identified by our weather patterns this time of year. I think this is pretty cool. I grew up in Cape Town where winter is the rainy season. Here, in the North West the rainy season is in Summer. So, the sky is my summertime identifier or reminder or how you would like to call it. This picture I shot with my Canon 700D. FIY I do need some practice! First SLR problems!

I am not the only one that looks to the sky...

My friend agrees that a thunderstorm is the Summer time identifier!

Photo credit: N Kotze

And when in Cape Town, this is your reminder of Summer. Submitted by my friendy in Somerset-West
The beach and see reminds her of Summertime.

Photo credit: L Schwella

What reminds me of summer: BRAAI! -Cousin

Photo credit: E Downs

Cousin, I have to say your creativity- I like it!!Little man smoking his cigar!

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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