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Thursday 27 November 2014

Photo a day challenge | Shadow

Day 26: Shadow

WOW, I was so freakin excited for this topic when I saw it yesterday morning and rained the whole day and then the power went out and then I couldn't upload the photo's!! I also struggled with getting a cute photo. I went and actually Googled some tips and checked on Pinterest. Aii.

I did take a photo, but I am not satisfied. I will take a cool pictures of a shadow..someday when it stops raining!

So, here you go. I used a candle to create the shadows seeing that the power was out. 

I got this from Mr Price Home earlier this year. I just love this little bird cage. 

This kitties I bought at a market. They keep me company when I play my piano:)

This is such a cool photo and what I had in mind. My cousin went fishing with her family and this is her father in law busy reeling in his catch. Cousin, really nice photo!
Photo credit: E Downs

My friend's "shadow". And because we ALL did this as kids! Good memories!

Photo credit: N Kotze

Speak to you soon..or sooner!


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