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Thursday 27 November 2014

Photo a day challenge | Favourite Place

Day 27: Favourite Place

We ALL have a favourite place. Don't you? I have a few, but if I have to pick one place it has to be Yzerfontein at the West Coast. The sea is dreadfully cold and un-swimable (This is the most acurate word to explain it although I don't think this is a word), but the memories-priceless!

I have spent countless summers here. My parents have been camping there for a very long time. I have met some of my life long friends there. Even if we did not see each other the whole year or spoke very little to each other throughout the year, at December we reunite and just take off where we last left everything. 

Hours of talking
Eating ice cold ice cream
Even swimming in that cold sea
Late night camp fires
Hours in the sun (with sun screen of course)
New Years morning breakfast's
Dancing at Flamingo's in Langebaan
Long walks on the beach
Fireworks on the beach New Years Eve

I can go on with this list. I really miss those days. But, we have photo's to remind us. So here is my favourite place Yzerfontein Beach. This was taken 31 December 2013. The last sun-set of the year. And my hubby was there right next to me.

This is my cousin's favourite place...Our bed!
 Photo credit: E Downs

Now, let me just say, I am sure a lot of people will agree that your bed is surely one of your favourite places! I know mine is on my list!

My friend says, she wanted to take a picture of her bed after her visit to the hospital, BUT her favourite place is right next to her blue-eyed family. Look at this little face!
 Photo credit: N Kotze

What or where is your favourite place to be?

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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