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Tuesday 18 November 2014

Photo a day challenge | Pajamas

Day 18: Pajamas

I can not remember the last time I owned proper pajamas. Like a set. I use to sleep in whatever was comfy and that (most of the time) consisted of a t-shirt and a JTone short.

So, after searching and searching and some more searching I found this cute set at Woolworths. It is comfy and exactly what I would choose to sleep in. I don't like tight clothing, so this is perfect.

My friend says the following: " HELP!!! I admit it...I have a problem!!! Like some woman feel about shoes and handbags...I feel about pajamas. I can never have enough pairs. Here is 2 of my winter collection. I am not even going to start counting the summer sets! hehehe "

Photo credit: N Kotze

Well, I don't know what is happening in Johburg, but apparently it is cold. So my cousin said "Thanks to the sudden colder evenings, I had to take out my winter pajamas. Graham took the photo's and he chose this one".

This sums up my cousin pretty accurately. Funny and (sort of) crazy ;-))
Photo credit: G Downs

What does your pajamas look like? And what is your favourite?? 

Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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