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Sunday 2 November 2014

It happened | Fear forever

It happened. It just happened. One of the things I feared the most (and strangely proud that I have never encountered it) happened.

How? I stepped on it. 

My husband tells me "Watch out, there is a bee on the floor in the kitchen". Note to self-wear shoes.

Our friends came over for a visit. We had such a fun time. I got up and walked into the kitchen (bare feet) to say goodnight to Watson (my bird). Cooing and speaking to him and then...chaos. 

I think chaos is maybe an understatement, more like the next level of craziness. 



"it burns"

(Watson hanging by a thread to my denim short, flapping and scratching some pretty mean scratches in my leg)

"Get it out"

"Get it out"


"I have never been stung by a bee before"

My husband: "Love go sit down. Please go sit down."


Crying, screaming, crying some more. Shaking hands. Shaking legs.

(Watson makes it safely to his cage)

I hang onto my kitchen cupboard like I'm swimming the butterfly stroke.

My friend suggest: "Do you have alcohol in the house?" (I feel something cool -my husband tried some of his Axe. Apparently it contains alcohol. I did not know that.)

Next suggestion: "Toothpaste" (Again something cool. Hmm that seems to work)

"It hurts". Sobbing.

I hop to the chair to sit down.

Through tears and shaking hands I tell my friends (sitting in silence, eyes big)
"I'm sorry you guys"

And the next thing out of my mouth: "Will I be able to run tomorrow". Really woman, are you mad? But, I did go run.

I knew there is a reason why I have a fear for bees. I knew it. It hurts. No, that is not descriptive enough. I can't describe it. All I know is I never, EVER want to get stung by a bee again. It hurts like hell.

This morning my cat ran over my foot. Almost yelling out loud, and almost waking my husband I got up and stepped on my foot. Then doing some crazy dance to the couch.
So, today I have a swollen foot. I have toes that look like cocktail sausages and I can not bend or move them. Red feet and it itches like crazy.  I also learned that you are not suppose to touch or scratch it. Scratching or touching just makes is worse!

So, the evil, uninvited, piece of ....bee family that moved into our backyard...guess what -YOU ARE MOVING!

I am begging, on my knees, please I never want to get stung by a bee again.


Speak to you soon..or sooner


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