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Wednesday 19 November 2014

Photo a day challenge | Your pet or friend

Day 19: Your pet or friend

Hallo Ellarina's!

Today's photo challenge was fun. I got to try out my new aren't that great, but damn it is a hello of an upgrade from what I had!! I am amazed!

So, you could photograph your pet or best friend. See we give options!

I decided on my pets. So I have 4... Meet:

Marley and Kelvin (Marley is expecting. She is not always this big)

I am not the only one that really love my kids. A friend joined our photo challenge today and this is her dear Liqourish, her Labrador.
Photo credit: L Schwella

Friendy photographed her best friend from her childhood days. But wait, who did not consider this little black haired girl as their best friend. I really enjoyed watching this show as well. And I am sure at one stage we all knew the words to the theme song!

My best friend from my childhood days.
Photo credit: N Kotze

This was our White Fronted Amazon Parrot, Cawkie. He was crazy about our Christmas tree. Sadly he passed away last year. With him is  Graham, my hubby, but also my best friend. 
Photo credit: E Downs

Well done cousin. Two in one shot!

 Speak to you soon...or sooner!

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